Our Buddy John

Meet John, a precious New Life donor. John understands adoption, because adoption is HIS story – a narrative of love that has been a banner over his life these last eight years. He has come from a place of love and sacrifice and, because of this, even at an early age, John feels compelled to give back in a way that is meaningful to him. Due to his great behavior at school, John earned the opportunity to run a lemonade stand for a day. Instead of keeping his proceeds, John donated them to New Life Adoptions. We are so humbled to be the recipients of these ministry dollars, and that the Lord would prompt John to give back for a greater cause.
We are humbled by each and every one of our precious donors- big or small. It is never the gift, but it is your heart and your passion as you give that encourages us. We do not take any donation lightly and we know that you have entrusted us, to reach women and families with the love of Christ. We want to say thank you to each of our donors for giving so that we may GO and give HOPE to those who so desperately need it. Our donors are a blessing to us, and we are blessed to be a blessing for the Kingdom.