Our Criteria:

  • Must be a man and woman who have been legally married for at least 3 years. A copy of your marriage license will be needed for your file.
  • Both members of and active in the same Bible-believing church.
  • Both residents of the state of Texas.
  • Minimum age requirement is 21 years of age for both prospective parents.
  • Both must profess Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Both legal citizens of the United States.
  • Both in agreement with the New Life Adoptions Name and Communication Policies.
  • Both willing to embrace open adoption.
  • One parent must commit to being a stay-at-home parent for at least 6 months. Our goal is intentional bonding during this time.

If you have questions about a designated adoption or a contract home study, please contact our office.

Adopting a child is a life changing experience, and choosing an agency which you will rely on for legal expertise, birth parent contact, counseling and direction is an extremely important choice.

The adoption professionals at New Life Adoptions have the wisdom and experience you can trust to guide you through your adoption journey.

Couples choosing to work with New Life have embraced our ministry of caring for women who, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, not only choose to give their babies life, but choose to place their babies in loving Christian homes.

Birth mother care is the heart of our ministry. This includes housing and basic needs, prenatal and after birth medical care, counseling, legal support and spiritual care. We aim to establish a life long bond of friendship with birth mothers.


We are a Christ centered ministry that strives to represent God’s love in all we do. We hope that knowing more about us will help you as you seek God’s will.

Who is New Life?

  • We were founded in 1983 and have placed over 540 babies in two-parent Christian homes.
  • We offer lifelong post-adoption counseling to birth families, adoptive families and adoptees.
  • Our experienced staff is a trusted resource in the community.

What you can expect:

  • A home study by a New Life professional
  • Semi–annual adoption training
  • Counseling and care for birth mothers before and after placement
  • Handle and direct all legal proceedings with our adoption attorney
  • Ongoing intermediary to help with adoption relationships
  • Post adoption counseling available


OPEN ADOPTION refers to open channels of communication between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Closed adoption emphasizes secrecy and maintains there should never be contact between any of the parties involved after the legal relinquishment.

We believe that openness is beneficial to all parties, but is especially important for the child.

Open adoption (as further defined within the philosophy and policies of our agency) is a process in which the birth parent(s) is involved in selecting the adoptive family home studied and approved by the agency. The birth parents are asked to write a letter to their child explaining why an adoption plan was made and encouraged to share photos of themselves and family members. We also ask birth parents to meet with the adoptive family before and/or at placement and then to maintain an ongoing exchange of letters and photos with the adoptive family for the following 18 years, as well as to have 2-3 visits a year with the child and the adoptive family.


By filling out the Adoptive Families Interest Form here you’ll receive our Prospective Adoptive Parent Handbook that includes the fee policy. 


“Not only were we blessed by New Life’s heart for women who are in crisis pregnancy situations, as a couple beginning the journey to adopt, New Life’s years of experience was so comforting to us. There are many aspects of adoption that we simply had never thought through, or considered. We definitely had so much to learn. We were very impressed with the training we received from New Life. After our baby was placed in our home, we realized that there was really nothing that we felt or experienced that New Life had not addressed through our training and one on one meetings with the agency. Their wisdom is so valuable. It is truly wonderful to see an agency devoted to loving and caring for birth moms while also loving and caring for adoptive parents.”

– Clint and Bekah

“Have you ever prayed for a situation in your life to be “perfect”? When my husband and I decided to adopt for the third time that was my prayer…that when He blessed us with a baby everything would be “perfect”. Our journey began with a referral to New Life that should not have happened in the natural. Every time I look at my sweet baby boy, I know that God’s plan was for us to have each other and I am filled with an extraordinary peace that could come only from Him.”

– Matt and Rachel

“When it became clear to my husband and me that adoption was the way God wanted to bless us with a child, He led us to New Life! Once we were chosen by a birth mom, we were able to meet with her at the New Life office, and she gave us the exciting news that she was having a girl! The relationship that formed over the next month allowed us to better know her, the birth father, and her family. By trusting that God had all things in His control, we were then able to experience the birth of our beautiful daughter, and we continue to have a close relationship with her birth family. New Life has offered us encouragement, advice, and hope. We are so thankful that God led us to these precious ladies and their wonderful ministry.”

– Michael and Abby

“After meeting with three different adoption agencies, we felt God lead us to New Life, even though they are a four-hour drive from our hometown. The years of experience the staff at New Life share is invaluable as a new adoptive parent. Our experience was nothing but positive; from the extensive education and training, to the encouragement and personal touch, New Life has made what could be a nerve-racking experience into a smooth transition. Their ministry to mothers in crisis pregnancies is truly a service to the Lord from their hearts, and their ministry to adoptive couples is like none we’ve found anywhere else. We are thankful to New Life for the direction they provide on both sides of the adoption relationship. Without their help and expertise, we know we could not have the relationship that we share today with our daughter’s birth mother. New Life definitely gives “new life” to many families and many expectant mothers. WE LOVE NEW LIFE!”

– Jon and Denise

“Our experience with adoption through New Life has been wonderful. We have been forever blessed with two precious little boys that God has used to grow our family and to teach us about what unconditional love is really all about. New Life was remarkable at facilitating the process through supporting us, ministering to our birth families, and guiding us all to a true understanding that getting a child is not all there is to the adoption process. It’s about faith and being open to the beautiful journey that God has in store.”

– Steve and Elizabeth

“We began the process of adoption with a mixture of fear and elation. We knew we were about to experience what a real walk of faith would entail. The staff at New Life not only nurtured, guided and supported our birth mother but they also prayed, communicated and simply encouraged us. Throughout the process of adopting our daughter, they continually reminded us of the Sovereignty of God. We will forever be indebted to New Life for allowing the Lord to use them to change our lives forever.”

– Gavin and Lisa


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