Executive Director’s Update

From the Executive Director…..

A little more than one year ago, I came to work for New Life Adoptions. It has been an incredible 12 months: seeing the Lord do the impossible, having the privilege of serving in a ministry that is Christ–centered and focused on grace; working with a staff that delights in the goodness and grace of our Savior, and sharing the HOPE of the Gospel in every word and every deed. I have seen HOPE in action- in my life, and in the lives we have impacted.

Hope defines our ministry. We offer choice and give hope to women who seek alternatives to abortion, as well as those who desire to offer more to their children than they can currently give. In one very brave act of sacrificial love, these young women give birth, and then place their children in the arms of another woman; to give those children the hope of a new life. We also give hope to couples who come seeking to begin or grow their families through adoption. The hope of a baby to hold, to love, and to care. The hope of new life.

At New Life we share the hope of Jesus with those the Lord brings us to walk beside. This last week I visited with a new birth mom. Before I could pull away from the apartment parking lot, I received this text message “Thank you Ms. Sandi for coming to see me today. You have given me hope.” This is why we do what we do each day. This is what gives us encouragement to carry on, to pray, to go, and to serve.

Our mission at New Life adoptions has not changed over the last 33 years. We continue to offer hope in a world that can be full of hopelessness. We offer THE HOPE that will not disappoint. We share Christ because we have been given a Hope that changes lives for eternity.

Because Jesus is my HOPE ,