Adoption Myths – Part 2

Myth #2: Adopted children are unwanted.

In our 3 part series, we are doing some myth-busting. Today, let’s take a look at

Myth #2: Adopted children are unwanted.

Again, so untrue. In fact, we believe birth mothers who make an adoption plan understand and experience the pain of true sacrificial love better than most. She should be honored and respected for the decision she made for life, and the decision she made to give her baby more. If a birth mother did what was ‘right for her” it would mean keeping her baby…every time. But instead, a birth mother thinks not only of herself, but about her child’s needs. Too often we highlight the “saving grace” of an adoptive family for this child, but the true beauty is recognizing the brave and sacrificial decisions made by a birth parent that make that adoption possible. Loss is not a path we typically choose- yet every story of adoption begins with a woman and the loving, voluntary loss of that which she loves most.

As we have talked and interviewed many adoptees, their response is one of gratefulness to their birth families. They are grateful for her decision to place them with a family that was able to provide for all of their needs. Often birth mothers ask me if their child will ‘hate them” for making this decision. I reassure them that the opposite will be true. They will honor and respect that difficult decision, and know that it was one made out of love.

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