How To Begin the Adoption Process

First, determine if you meet our criteria:

  •  Must be man and woman who have been legally married for at least 3 years.  A copy of your marriage license will be needed for your file.
  •  Both between the ages of 21 and 45 years of age
  •  Both members of and active in the same Bible-believing church
  •  Both residents of the State of Texas
  •  Both professing Christ following Christians
  •  Both legal citizens of the United States
  •  Both in agreement with the New Life Adoptions Name and Communication Policies
  •  Both willing to embrace open adoption
  •  One parent must commit to being a “stay-at-home” parent for at least 6 months. Our goal is intentional bonding during this time.

If you feel you meet our criteria, you may request an Adoption Inquiry Packet by filling out the form here.

Another way to enter the adoption process is if a birth mother has contacted you expressing interest in placing her baby with your family. New Life Adoptions could facilitate an adoption between you and that birth mother.  This would be considered a “designated adoption”.


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