Name and Communication Policies

Name Policy

We believe that the name given to a child by his/her birth parent is a gift that should never be taken from that child, therefore New Life’s policy is that the adoptive family will incorporate the one name the birth parent chooses for the child into the name the adoptive family chooses for that child.

Communication Policy with Birth Family 

All New Life adoptive families agree to send at least 10 pictures, letters and a developmental report every month for the first six (6) months to birth parents.

After finalizing the adoption, all New Life adoptive families agree to send at least 10 pictures and a letter to the birth parents (and birth family members depending on their specific adoption situation) at least twice a year (usually Christmas and the child’s birthday) for 18 years.

All New Life adoptive families must be open to receiving any communication (including gifts) sent to them or their child by the birth parents or birth families. They must be committed to acknowledging receipt of those things to the sender.

(All written communication is sent through New Life. New Life does not share the adoptive family’s last name or address.)

Visitation Policy

All New Life adoptive families agree to meet with the birth parents at the time the baby is initially placed with them, and agree to meet again when the child is six (6) or seven (7) months old (about the time the family will go to court to finalize the adoption).

After the adoption is finalized, on average we expect adoptive families to meet with the birth parents and/or birth families 2-3 times a year until the child is 18 years old.


We ask all New Life adoptive families to be open to the relationship God has designed with their child’s birth family.

We consider our adoptive families as partners with New Life in ministering God’s love to the birth parents of their child, many of whom do not know Jesus as their personal Savior. As we work with birth parents we share with them our desire for the above policies to be realities in their adoption experience. Therefore, each adoptive family will be asked to sign a document stating that they agree to the above policies and will carry them out.

*If you do not agree with these policies and do not feel you could sign with full intent to abide by these policies, you will understand that we could not qualify you to be a prospective adoptive family through our agency.


Communication Policy Covenant

By signing this statement we are stating our willingness to do the following:

  1. Incorporate the one name the birth parent chooses for our child into the name we choose for that child.
  1. Send to the birth parent(s), and / or other birth family members as appropriate, a letter and at least ten (10) pictures twice (2 times) a year at the very minimum, for 18 years.
  1. Receive cards, letters, pictures and gifts from the birth family of our child.
  1. Acknowledge receipt of those things to that birth family member.
  1. Meet with the birth parents and/or birth family 2-3 times a year.

We understand that this is the communication policy of New Life Adoptions and that we agree to this policy as a part of entering into a relationship with said agency for the purpose of adopting a child.