What Are My Options?

I Can Choose Adoption

Choosing adoption for your child is a brave choice. It says you have thought about what is best for your baby, and not for you. It says that you have the courage to carry your baby to term. It is a sacrificial choice. Adoption is never an easy choice, but at New Life we will be here to support you as you make an adoption plan for your child. You can choose your child’s parents, meet them, talk with them, and correspond with them through letters and pictures. You can even choose to meet with your adoptive family each year. It is a difficult choice, but a choice that speaks of your love for this child.

I Can Choose Marriage

A supportive partner helps to ease the burdens of raising children. But if a couple is not prepared for the challenges of marriage, children can add stress to an already difficult situation. If you are considering marriage as an option, make sure your relationship is a commitment based on mutual love, trust, and respect for each other.

I Can Choose Single Parenting

Babies and children can bring much joy, but often the stress of sleepless nights, financial burdens, and constant care can lead many single parents to exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. Make sure you consider who may be there to support you and help you as you consider the option of single parenting.

I Can Choose Abortion

Abortion is a medical procedure that will end your pregnancy. As with all medical procedures, there are many risks involved. There are physical and emotional issues after an abortion that you will need to discuss with someone you trust. For more information, please contact your doctor or visit your local pregnancy center.


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