Adoption Today

Adoption has changed over the last few decades. It is never an easy choice, but society is now recognizing the amazing and selfless choice a birth mother makes when placing her child for adoption. No longer surrounded in secrecy, adoption stories are becoming stories of hope, blessing, and joy for the birth families as well as the adoptive families. At New Life, we encourage pregnant women to explore all of their options, and offer the individualized counseling you need to make the best decision for you and your baby. NO ONE WILL PRESSURE YOU TO CONSIDER ADOPTION.

If you choose adoption through New Life, you can:

  • Work with an options counselor to make an adoption plan just right for you
  • Choose your baby’s adoptive parents and get to meet them
  • Make a hospitable plan that is right for you
  • Choose a name for your child that the adoptive family keeps as a first or middle name
  • Choose the level of “openness” or contact you will have with your adoptive family
  • Receive free medical care and legal services during your pregnancy
  • Receive counseling for a lifetime, helping you as you move through the adoption process, after birth, and beyond


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